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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Xmas in Cosplant! :)

Xmas came early to FF Cosplant J The SSU came decked in fabulous red and cute santa hat. The energy in the class was amazing!!!!! The rest of the class did very well too! Started off with hip-hop warm-up followed by Disco with the class looking fab as usual and then the room was almost set ablaze with Ran-Kan-Kan latin block!

Will be off to Penang for meeting 2moro then back to KL on Thurs. Sis coming back from Melbourne on Fri nite! :)

Sat will be the Charity 1.5Hr Combat at the Curve with FCI & #1 in Tianjin :) after that will be away for a long break till 3rd Jan! :)

Cook till you drop...

Pic of dinner spread a few weeks back... was dead tired after that! Had helped from Mel, Mark and LT in assembling the food :) thanks guys! Had plenty to drink that nite! Lots of great red wine, Sweet dessert wine, Honey Plum wine and some more alchohol… and that’s the night before I went for Nike Rockstar training for the next 3 days…. Severe lack of sleep is an understatement….

Will try to organise another cookout soon but the next few weeks will be impossible. Xmas, New Year and work work work....