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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Red Hot SSU of FF Consplant! THANKS! hugz!

As I was walking towards the class, I was greeted by members of SSU in Red . A few of them huddled in one corner with their back to me. Started wondering what surprise they'll throw at me later on in the Jam class....

8.44pm... After the intro and just as I pushed play, they came running in and thrusted a lovely package to me and proceeded to sing the B-day song! So sweet of them! hugs! THANK YOU VERY MUCH guys. Love the gifts! the planner is very handy ( I have bad memory and I still haven't gotten hang of using PDA), the Pen is nice too!

Subang Mon Jam Class will never be the same without the SSU (Syiok Sendiri Unit) :p

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

still got pulse!!

Contrary to the various rumours, news of this blog's death has been vastly exaggerated! :p hehehe

Was supposed to update the blog this morning at work but the server was having some problem. The dear IM manager decided to shutdown internet access (hopefully just for a day). I nearly went bonkers!! no MSN! no Internet! aarggh!! help! Didn't realise the power of the net has over me.... scary!

Did the double classes in Subang today, had a fab workout! The crowd is fantastic as usual, especially Jam! You guys know who you are! My SSU (Syiok Sendiri Unit)! Combat was great too but tiring as usual. Late Jam-Bat or Jam.Com are always tiring for me. Long day at work then str8 to class, normally dont have appetite for food before class. For Monday's class will have to plan my food intake carefully. Class starts from 8.45 till 10.45. Missed my 6pm snack today due to a contract review with a colleagues. Was bloody hungry right before class started... the show must go on! The minute the music starts.... ..I'm like Norma Desmond at the end of Sunset Bouvelard.... in a trance like state, hands outstretched towards the cameras, uttering " All right, Mr DeMille, Im ready for my closeup..."

Well...... I'm not exactly as psycho as that Norma Hen (is that what you call the not so young chics?) . By the time the class ended, I was in post cardio euphoria.... hungry but buzzing with adrenaline!

Got home and had "imported" Mee Jawa... mom brought it back all the way from Sungai Petani :p and for a light dessert? Homemade sorbet! need to tweak the flavour a bit more. Got carried away with Blue Curasao... a tad too sweet at the moment, need more orange and lemon juice. It's now a weird lime green colour.... anyway, time to zzz!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Let's Do The Time Warp Agaaaaiiinnn....

1st Nov 06 3pm ish

Ring Ring Ring...

KH : Hello!
JW : Hello! err KH?
KH : Er! Yes
JW : KH?
KH : Yes! It's me J?
JW : Hello! err KH? Happy Bday 2 U, Happy Bday 2U.. Haapppyy (a sudden bust of laughter on the other line)... err KH is it your bday today?
KH : Hahahahahahaha! you did it again!!!! hahahahaha! This time right day, wrong month!!ahahahah

By then I was hysterical, nearly on the floor. My colleagues thought I was mental... :p

Flashback to about a year ago.....

Ring Ring Ring .....
KH : Hello!
JW : Happy Bday 2 U, Happy Bday 2U, Happy BBBBBBday 2 Uuuuuuu! Haaaapppyy BDay 22222Uuuuuuuu!
KH : ....... silence
JW : KH?
KH : err... Thanks!!! but my B-day was yesterday..hehehehehhe
JW : WHAT?.....

2 min later

Ring Ring Ring .....
KH : Hello!
MW : Happy Bday 2 U, Happy Bday 2U, Happy BBBBBBday 2 Uuuuuuu! Haaaapppyy BDay 22222Uuuuuuuu!
KH : ....... snigger...
MW : KH?
KH : Thanks!!! But my B-day was yesterday..hehehehehhe
MW : Huh?
KH : U r not the 1st one.... :p hehehhe

Mirror, Mirror on the wall....

Halloween Jam at SPK! Great crowd, fantastic energy and totally wild! :p The Horn didn't stay in place for a long time. The one I got was for kids and it twisted and kept falling off! especially during the 2nd block (contemporary club block). The make-up.... I look like a drag queen!! Think i can audition for Rocky Horror Show as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, all I need now is a corset, fishnet stockings and a pair of Mahnolo! akekekeke

Fabulous members in SPK!

The two "Head-Hantus" :p The Witch and the Devil(...or drag queen?)

After the class..... ( Grizzabella look)