Tabula Rasa

A little slot in the vast cyberspace to start from a clean slate. Learn to crawl, walk, run and fly... to laugh, cry, whine and shout about anything and everything under the sky :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Walking anyone?

A leading lady in a Japanese Series once said : Love is like a waiting for a Taxi, you don't know when it'll arrive .....

When you are waiting for one, you don't seem to be able to hail one. BUT that doesn't mean there's no taxi, there just no VACANT taxi for you.....

Then you get the bright idea of getting a better chance of hailing one across the road. As you wait patiently on the other side the road, several vacant ones just zoomed past when u once stood.... then you went back to where u waited originally....

You then think maybe one will come by if I wait patiently. As time ticked by quickly, you decided to actively search for the taxi within the area.... Either way.. it's to no avail...

Finally, you've decided to give up and just walk back.. As you turn to walk up the street, several taxis; old ones, brand new ones, plain blacks, colourful ones and a few others just came right up to you.... Overwhelming your senses...

As you walk towards the one you think will give u a safe and comfy ride to your destination, the headlights shining on you... giving you insights into yourself and the surroundings

As for me, i have crappy luck in getting taxi. Am used to driving or walking that I find taking a taxi can be, despite a few rather pleasant rides, ultimately a daunting experience.... The unnecessary small talks; the incessant chats that takes place when all you want is some peace and quite as you head home; the stressful journey back as the driver recklessly take you on a roller coaster ride ignoring your plea to slow down/speed up....

I think I shall walk a little first before I start hailing for a taxi :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

elo... anyone there?

Been awhile huh...... some of you out there are probably shouting " that's an understatement" and yes I can hear the sound of your eyeball rolling in your sockets as well.

Work has been manic since I last blogged, had to take 3 months sabatical from teaching classes. Suffered the consequences though, pants are bloody tight and there are definitely more white hair these days...

Facebook is my latest addiction, especially Scrabulous... so easy to get hooked onto that... come join me there!! :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I'm back!!! Been awhile.... will be a short post, leaving for Gebeng 2moro morning for a meeting then back again in the evening.

I've been tagged.... now I have to reveal 6 weird things about me.... darn... where to start?!!!

1. I love my McD Fries with McD Choc Sundae... yummy! :p
2. I go through phases of being an obsessive-compulsive. Geometrics and doing things "evenly". ie. whatever I do with my left hand/legs, I MUST do the same with the right (with the exception of writing). I've since overcame that... otherwise there's NO WAY I can teach BodyJam. I prefer to deal with geometric shapes that are "even", squares and circles are fine.... trapeziums and right angle triangle... I'll twitch (cannot fold into equal half).
3. Another of my obsessive-compulsive behaviour... I hate keeping price tags on my books and CDs. Totally despise retailers who uses price stickers with strong adhesives...
4. Like FBB, I MUST wash my feet before I sleep.
5. I talk/argue with myself in the car, especially during solo long distance drive. Try it...very therapheutic :p For instructors... very common... we practise our cueing in when we drive. It's even more frantic when it's closer to launch dates :p
6. I can will myself to get goose-pimple... :p

ok.. that's all for now!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Been pretty busy with work, was planning to update the blog but when it comes to weekends.... I just want to rest!

Went for Richelle's Pump last Fri after a looong hiatus from Pump..... ouch! Fingers cramped as a result of gripping the bar too hard. Shall call her Ri-Brit-Chelle (hehe try saying that fast...croak!), she asked the crowd (esp Lap Cheong) to be as stronger as her... like Britney... during the "Stronger" bicep track.... I just found it funny lor :p

After the class... oowww... Biceps, Triceps and achilles heel were sore!!! and I had to go gung-ho for the Sat class :p Last night at Cosplant was good as well. 23 pax, not bad for a 9.45pm class.... well done guys! thanks for staying back so late!

Driving down to JB shortly for work, back on Thurs night....

Leech & Lilo! here's a montage of some food pics :p

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Will update soon.... I promise!

Nope, the blog is still alive.... well barely. It's been a pretty hectic 07, just started my new role in Sales and as with most transition, am doubling hatting at the moment. The whole company is also undergoing restructuring simultaneously and on top on that there was an industrial dispute recently. Madness!!

Had the intention of updating the blog when I came back from my short break in Thailand. (Ko Samet and Bkk).... well, at least I had the good intention to update right? :p

Shall try to update by end Jan.... :)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Xmas in Cosplant! :)

Xmas came early to FF Cosplant J The SSU came decked in fabulous red and cute santa hat. The energy in the class was amazing!!!!! The rest of the class did very well too! Started off with hip-hop warm-up followed by Disco with the class looking fab as usual and then the room was almost set ablaze with Ran-Kan-Kan latin block!

Will be off to Penang for meeting 2moro then back to KL on Thurs. Sis coming back from Melbourne on Fri nite! :)

Sat will be the Charity 1.5Hr Combat at the Curve with FCI & #1 in Tianjin :) after that will be away for a long break till 3rd Jan! :)

Cook till you drop...

Pic of dinner spread a few weeks back... was dead tired after that! Had helped from Mel, Mark and LT in assembling the food :) thanks guys! Had plenty to drink that nite! Lots of great red wine, Sweet dessert wine, Honey Plum wine and some more alchohol… and that’s the night before I went for Nike Rockstar training for the next 3 days…. Severe lack of sleep is an understatement….

Will try to organise another cookout soon but the next few weeks will be impossible. Xmas, New Year and work work work....

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Red Hot SSU of FF Consplant! THANKS! hugz!

As I was walking towards the class, I was greeted by members of SSU in Red . A few of them huddled in one corner with their back to me. Started wondering what surprise they'll throw at me later on in the Jam class....

8.44pm... After the intro and just as I pushed play, they came running in and thrusted a lovely package to me and proceeded to sing the B-day song! So sweet of them! hugs! THANK YOU VERY MUCH guys. Love the gifts! the planner is very handy ( I have bad memory and I still haven't gotten hang of using PDA), the Pen is nice too!

Subang Mon Jam Class will never be the same without the SSU (Syiok Sendiri Unit) :p